Friday, December 12, 2008

The Mystery of King Tut's Death

Along with the whole undisturbed tomb thing, there is another mystery about King Tut. It is the fact that he died when he was eighteen or nineteen and nobody really knows why. There are a few theories but they all have something wrong with them. It's really weird. One belief is that King Tut committed suicide. That could be a logical idea but apparently he was really enjoying his role as pharaoh and was only nineteen so it doesn't really seem like that would be right. Some people believe that it was just and accident because he liked to race chariots and stuff so he could have gotten a major head injury or something like that. Some people think that it was just natural causes but royalty in Ancient Egypt had the best living conditions. I'm talking like gold crazy up in his place so it's probably not because of natural causes but you never know. The last theory is that he was murdered which is probably the most likely. He didn't seem to be mummified properly and he was really young so he could be a good target. But I don't know who would kill a pharaoh that did so much good for Egypt. Some people are just plain crazy I guess.

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  1. He died from deadliest Malaria. Now prooved in Discovery channel