Thursday, December 11, 2008

King Tut's Burial

When King Tut's tomb was discovered, it seemed like his tomb and how he was buried was different than other pharaohs or just other people in general. Apparently he wasn't mummified right for starters. When you walked in the tomb, the smell was really strong because he had started decomposing! I don't care how cool his tomb was, if there was some nasty smell in there then I would be waiting outside. Also, he had a death mask that covered his face and his shoulders. It was made out of gold and was freaking awesome and seriously lifelike. Opening up his sarcophagus and seeing some gold face has got to be scary. He had a note too at his handle that said that he hunted in Heliopolis. Plus there were a lot of things with scenes of him killing people in battle but people don't think they are for real. I don't understand why you would want scenes of you doing things that you never did in your tomb. Maybe he thought that he would be cooler if people thought that he killed lots of people.

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